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Half or more of your attendees won't travel and existing conference apps don't bridge the gap between the in-person and vertual conference experience.

For attendees ROI is about being able to act on the connections they make, for an organizer it is proving your real world value.

Improving the Conference Experience

Live Insights

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Live Analytics

Using our proprietary dashboard along with cloud based connectivity, we pull analytics off your attendees interactions providing you with the information you need to improve your event as it happens.

Live Event Customization

We help you to understand when to create new or re-run segments based on live data and push notifications to your attendees right away.

Event App

The Conference-Quest app provides all your attendees with the ability to connect to each other, stay connected to your event and provides you with actionable live data.

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Years of experience and hundreds of projects have brought this team here. We have a wealth of knowledge and the perfect blend of skills to help you make your event even better with Conference-Quest.

team member

Howard Suissa

Partner, Vision

Envision All the Things

Current spokesperson and CEO..

User Experience 94%

Business 70%

team member

Tyler Findlay

Partner, Technology

Code All the Things

Technologist extraordinaire!

Software Engineering 85%

Solutions Architecture 90%

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  • Data Analytics
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